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Unifire Unveils The TARGA: A Revolutionary New Robotic Nozzle Controller

Unifire Unveils The TARGA: A Revolutionary New Robotic Nozzle Controller

March, 2014
Renowned Swedish water cannon manufacturer, UNIFIRE AB, announces its all-new, ultra-modern TARGA™ water cannon technology!
Poised to revolutionize the water cannon industry, the unique TARGA system allows users to simply and economically tailor water cannon systems to their individual needs. From basic, low-cost, stand alone installations, to highly sophisticated and integrated systems.
The already iconic Unifire FORCE 316L stainless steel monitors, on the market since 2002, are now being offered in an upgraded TARGA version, featuring modern, long-lasting, highly accurate BLDC motors and the all-new TARGA PLC control system. The TARGA is a scaleable system platform that supports up to six BLDC motors and numerous analogue and digital inputs and outputs. This substantially raises the bar for the industry and opens worlds of possibilities—unavailable anywhere on the market until now.

The Unifire TARGA PLC controller for robotic nozzles, valves, lights, peripherals, automatic systems, system integration, and much more.

Users can easily assign any function they wish to the numerous inputs and outputs of the TARGA PLC. An analogue input can, for example, be used for an off-the shelf analogue Joystick, or a pressure or flow gauge, or auto-level device, or any other analogue reading or signal. The analogue signal can directly control any of the outputs on the TARGA PLC, or send the readings over a network to be displayed in a control room. Or, they can control an external unit, such as a pump motor or a valve. Limitless possibilities.
The TARGA PLC is both powerful and flexible. It can be easily programmed to carry out automated sequences, such as, for example: 1) open a hatch; 2) extend a telescopic pipe; 3) move the water cannon to a specific start position; 4) open the water valve; and 5) run a pre-recorded pattern—all initiated by the press of a single button.
One TARGA can serve as a Canbus master in a larger system, allowing automation involving multiple TARGA PLC’s. An infinite number of TARGA units can be connected together to make up small or even very large networks of water cannons for use in shopping malls, tank farms, warehouses, stadiums, highway tunnels, etc.
Each TARGA can receive signals from flame detectors or IR cameras and automatically aim at the fire. The TARGA can compute the water cannon’s trajectory based on real-time readings. In a large system, each TARGA is an autonomous “cell”, and a control room computer can be used for monitoring and remote controlling water cannons when desired.
The TARGA can be fitted with up to six BLDC motor drivers. Thus a single TARGA PLC can control up to three water cannons. It supports any type of joystick: analogue, Syncron™ (point-and-shoot), digital, push-button, Canbus or I2C. Each Joystick can be directly routed to control the local TARGA system, or it can appear as a Canbus unit on a network. Several Joysticks can be connected to one TARGA PLC.
Screens and Video Monitors
The system supports a wide variety of commercially-available display screens and video monitors. Canbus touch-screens or web-interfaces allow customers to use any generic computer or tablet to access and control the system.
Very cost effective
The client can exactly specify the system based on budget or 
technical requirement. A minimized scope of supply is very
cost effective and will fit within virtually any budget.