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Since 1969, Unifire has been a global leader in the making of high quality professional nozzles for firefighting and industry.

Our proven track record in the most demanding industries for nearly 5 decades sets Unifire’s nozzles apart from the competition. We bring you:

• Highest Performance Available
• Extreme Durability
• Global Popularity
• Outstanding Service
• Unmatched Reliability


Our vision is to be the world’s leading manufacturer of professional nozzles by offering superior products and service.


At Unifire, we are passionate about engineering and nozzle technologies.

We love making the most effective and elegant solutions on the market.

We think for ourselves. We think differently.

We use only the best quality materials, craftsmanship and manufacturing techniques available anywhere.

We just happen to design and manufacture what are surely the world’s best professional nozzles for firefighting and nozzles.

We share our passion with our customers and our suppliers. Join us in experiencing the future, today!


Since 1969, we’ve been shaping the future of nozzle technologies.

Unifire was founded in 1969 by Mr. Uwe Eggert, who had a vision to develop nozzles that were needed and lacking in his home town in Sweden.

He turned his vision into a leading and respected nozzle manufacturing company that is known globally as a mark of the highest quality nozzles available anywhere.

Uwe’s son, Mattias Eggert, began managing Unifire in 1994, and remains the Managing Director to this day. Mattias Eggert has continued the Eggert family tradition of bringing high-performance nozzles to the global market.

Join us to experience our passion for nozzle technologies!